Faith and Inspirational Apparel and Gifts

It's Personal, LLC. desires to design uplifting, faith-building, and inspirational apparel for our customers.

It's Personal, LLC.

  • Why a T-Shirt Business

    We Believe that It's Personal, LLC. T-shirts shares great benefits to the customer and the world. It is our desire to share faith and inspiration. There are enough things in the world to try to steal our joy, peace, and fight for our attention. Inspirational and faith filled statements or gifts can shift attention to greater good, bless the person wearing the item as well as those around them. Using t-shirts as a medium, platform, and inspirational influence, it is our prayer we uplift spirits and souls.

  • Design Inspiration

    This thing called life can present us with challenges, obstacles, and setbacks yet we know with Jesus we are triumphant and we can live life full of joy and abundance with Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. God is concerned about you so much that he knows the hairs on your head. He has you on his mind.Wearing shirts that It’s Personal, LLC., It’s Personal by Katrina can bring uplifting words to your soul and others.

  • There is Nothing God Cannot Do

    Won't He Do It! I am Excited to see ALL that God is going to do through , It's Personal, LLC.